About Us

In Silence lies Power!

And there we find the best conditions for producing new and creative ideas. We - Yvonne & Tilo Kühnast - love the calmness of the undersea world - the perfect contrast to the hectic atmosphere above the surface.

In 2011 we started by taking the best moments of such tranquil and peaceful locations in video and photographic footage, in the ocean, and in the mountains as well.

We can offer a wide range of footage, aerial footage, landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife footage from the European Alps, over Scandinavia and Iceland, the Red Sea to the Caribbean Ocean.

Of course, we are available to hire for special shootings, see our price list below.


A picture is worth 1000 words...

to inspire others to explore the world and to understand, why it is so important to protect our oceans and nature.

Because there is only ONE world with all these amazing creatures above and below the ocean surface!

We use this way to show these beauties and to give others the possibility to love this beautiful nature.

Because we all know: what a human loves - he will protect.


Prices for our undersea and topside or aerial video services with full exclusivity include rental of one person of us (Tilo Kühnast) as cinematographer, and the use of our equipment by us for the job, but exclude expenses such as memory cards, shooting permits, or post-production.


underwater shooting (8K 30p, 4K 120fps)  EUR 950 per day

aerial shooting (4K 30p) EUR 800 per day

topside shooting (8K 30p, 4K 120fps) EUR 700 per day

underwater model (Yvonne Kühnast) EUR 500 per day

traveling / waiting 50% of the daily rate

cancellation within 1 week of job 50% of the first day

cancellation within 48 hours of job 100% of the first day

travel days* – EUR 225 per day


Sometimes we charge less than this if the job does not need full exclusivity and we believe the footage from the job may have some use for us.


For all prices: additional German VAT, for now, 19%.


*travel day: means any day traveling to or from any production location as part of the project, independent of recording days.


Special advise: any days where filming and or travel cannot be undertaken due to adverse weather conditions or situations outside of our control such as illness, injury, equipment malfunction, theft, vehicle damage or malfunction etc, will be charged at the standard daily rate!



Please note that the following costs are in the responsibility of you as the client:


tanks, tank fills, weights, boat trips

additional equipment hire/camera rental


model expanses

travel expenses


luggage expenses

travel insurance

food, soft drinks and refreshments